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New Driveways in Bath | Our Ground Workers Explain the Importance of an Effective Drainage Installation

Have you ever wondered why it is so important to have new drains installed alongside new driveways? On this page, our experienced ground workers will outline three potential risks that are incurred when your property has an insufficient drainage installation. We are drainage and excavation specialists based in Paulton who cover the Bath area with foundation installations, excavation work and much more, and we often have customers who are curious about our process.

Established in 1999, Paul Channon Construction Ltd is the smart choice for groundworks, quality driveways, new foundations and much more. Get in touch with a member of our team today to learn more about our options in the wider South West.

The points that we will consider on this page include:

  • Dampness

  • Cracks and Holes

  • Subsidence

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When you have a poor-quality drainage system, you will often find that rainwater collects in pools. This is highly inconvenient and can also cause a range of troubling issues for your home. High on the list is dampness. If you have significant puddles forming around your walls, they could exceed the boundaries of your damp proof course (DPC) and the water could enter your external wall cavity. This is a serious issue, as it could cause a persistent damp problem.

Our drainage installations help to avert this problem for clients across Bath. Our ground workers also offer:

  • Groundworks

  • New Drains

  • Excavation Work

  • New Driveways

  • Quality Driveways

  • New Foundations

  • Foundation Installations

  • And Much More from Dedicated Excavation Specialists…

Cracks and Holes

The aforementioned pooling water is bad news, not just for your home, but also for your driveway. During the winter time, water that enters tiny cracks in your tarmac drive can freeze, thus expanding and widening the crack. After persistent frosty nights, the cracks can get wider and wider until you are left with potholes on your driveway.


Possibly the most serious of the three, subsidence is a very real risk for homes with inadequate drainage installations. The reason why we install quality new drainage systems for all our new driveways is that pooling water can also affect the structural integrity of your foundations. Water can weaken the soil around the foundations, saturating the area and causing your home to sink and shift.

This dangerous side effect can significantly reduce the value of your home, let alone the safety. Our ground workers encourage homeowners in Bath to invest in high-quality drains, foundation installations, excavation work, new driveways and other essential services for the benefit of their homes’ safety and longevity.

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